The Cultural Association "Un lembo di ..." announces the 6th edition of the photographic competition "Buono da scattare" from 15 September to 31 October 2018. Designed by Sabrina Lembo, owner of the Lembo company and President of Buono da scattare and the Cultural Association "Un lembo di ...", in collaboration with Annalisa Nuvelli Fotografie, the competition aims to promote the culture of olive oil through the sensations of the photographic image. As in past editions, the competition reserves a section for young students of Italian and Spanish schools, true protagonists of the initiative, to which the category "Young Photographers" is dedicated. There are categories exclusively for professional photographers, including the "Portf-OLIO" category where it is possible to propose a set of photos that share olive oil as a common element. From the V edition Buono da scattare is also enriched by a new section open to all foreign photographers: "BUONO DA SCATTARE IN THE WORLD"!

The competition, whose theme is the discovery of olive oil intended as a key product of our diet and our Mediterranean culture, uses a jury system composed of international critics and professionals in the photographic field, a committee of international students, and lastly  web audience who will judge the winners of the "Buono da web" section.

An International Jury of experts within the photography field appoints the winner of the international competition: Daniele Luxardo (Professional Photographer), Lorenzo Canova, (University of Molise), Massimo Arcangeli (Dante Alighieri Society), Paolo Cricchio (Professional Photographer), Andrea Di Lorenzo (Food Photographer), José M. Salgado (Professional Photographer),  Raffaele Sacchi (University of Naples Federico II), Sabrina Lembo (President of Buono da scattare), Maria Laura Perilli (Art critic)  and Lorena Fiorini (Writer). The initiative also sees the involvement of a Committee of Honor, including eminent cultural figures, political and administrative figures, including: Gonzalo Fournier Conde (Presidencia del Gobierno de España), Ion De la Riva (Cultural Councilor Embassy of Spain in Italy), Mario Arvelo Caamaño (Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Dominican Republic to the UN agencies in Rome, Chair of the United Nations Committee on World Food), Domenico Bruno (Lawyer, University of Molise), Riccardo Cucchi (Journalist), Steve Della Casa (Radio Rai) Daniele De Michele (Donpasta, writer), Renato Fiorito (President of the Jury Prize Di Liegro), Javier Fiz Pérez (European University of Rome), Gianmaria Palmieri (Rector of University of Studies of Molise), Neyla Pardo (Universidad Nacional Colombia)), Rossella Ferro (La Molisana), Maria Ángeles Albert De Leon (Real Academia de España en Roma), Óscar Loureda Llamas (Pro Rector University of Heidelberg), Brunella Santoli (Unione Lettori Italiani), Paola Rosmini (RAI Television Author) and Arturo Franco Taboada (Architect and writer).

The award ceremony will take place on 15 November 2018 at the Campidoglio in Rome. The winners of the competition will receive prizes, that include workshops and private photography lessons held by Digital Camera School in Rome, stays at the Summit Hotel in Gaeta and a weekend-stay in Italy and other countries in the world. The initiative stems from the collaboration and partnership with several institution, including the Embassy of Spain in Italy, Rome Capital -Presidenza dell’Assemblea Capitolina, Municipality of Gaeta, Municipality of Campobasso, University of Molise,  University of Heidelberg, Fidapa Bpw Italy section of Rome and Campobasso, ITS DEMOS, Cantine Herero, Italian Luxury, Galleria Triphé, Annalisa Nuvelli Fotografie and Olio Lembo.

"Buono da scattare" contest promotes the art of photography and the tradition of olive oil in a photographic shot that captures all the sensations , tastes and moments of olive oil culture.

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